WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization

With WP Rocket (a $199 value) and WP Smush Pro (a $600 value), as a result, your website will be blazing fast. But that’s just the start.

As a result of may years of experience, we’ve learned you only have a few seconds before you’ve lost a visitor. Your website needs to load fast. For that reason, our technicians utilize every tool possible to speed up your website.

So, What do we do: WordPress speed optimization, optimize images, minify Javascript and CSS, fix render-blocking resources, leverage browser caching, enable compression and more!

WordPress Speed Optimization

Image Optimization Using Lossless Compression, we compress your images through a process so that it allows them to keep their quality. Also, we will auto-compress any images future images.

Render-Blocking Visitor loading time is important. So, we move JavaScript/CSS files, Google Fonts and Awesome Font to where they will not bother the visitors.

Shrink JavaScript and CSS We shrink all scripts and styles, add expiring headers, cache your website and move styles to the page head and scripts to the footer. As a result, your load time will be reduced.

Leverage Browser Caching We make it so your website with regularly have an updated saved version. Furthermore, when people visit your website, they have a faster loading cached version.

Compression We use Gzip compression from your server. Due to Gzip, your site will have a lower loading time. As a result, your website will be faster overall.

Server Response Time Slow websites are usually a result of a inadequate server. So, if your server isn't good enough, we will move it to a full manages WordPress hosting environment for free.

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