Monthly WordPress Care Plans

Monthly WordPress Care Plans

Our Monthly WordPress Care Plans bring you work done by our team of experts. Also, our WordPress Care Plans are brought to you at a very affordable price.

Monthly WordPress Care Plans

Bulletproof Security We will turn your website into what seems like Fort Knox. So, you wont have to worry.

24/7 Monitoring Our services check your website 1,440 times a day. So, we will know within 60 seconds if a problem shows up.

Weekly Updates We will update your plugins, themes and core files every week. As a result, your website will run smoothly.

Advanced Support We fully manage sites with Memberships, WooCommerce, Custom Code or any advanced functionality. As a result we are able to provide top level service to all clients.

24/7 Website Edits Our team of WordPress experts can help at all hours of they day. Therefore, your site will be supported properly.

Daily Backups We store backups on our cloud every day, so you wont need an additional service. Also, we use Amazon's S3 clod storage system. So, our reliability is unbeatable.


$ 99 /mo

Your website will be fully managed for you all day, every day. Even 5-min emergency response is included so your site is always supported.


$ 169 /mo

Your website will be both insanely fast and secure. Also comes with $1,000 of premium plugins included free.


$ 229 /mo

Priority support for websites with eCommerce, membership, multilingual, staging, or advanced functionality. So, we support all websites.

Get our free ebook - WordPress Security Everything You Need so you can Secure and Speed Up Your WordPress Site

First of all, you wake up and your website is down. Not only that, but you’ve lost all your core files. As a result they’re gone forever. Did you receive a text message or an email? Therefore, you need alerts. This book shows you how to set that up. As a result, your site will be better handled.

Maybe it wasn’t down, it was just loading so slow that you thought it was down. Therefore, once it loads you realize you need to work on speed. This book gives you all the tips you need so you can speed up your site and handle WordPress Maintenance properly.

Free WordPress Maintenance Ebook

Transparent Reports You'll be informed of every change and update we make.

Our Monthly WordPress Care Plans produce weekly reports so you will always be up-to-date. You want to know what we’re working on, and we want to make sure you know what you’re paying for. So, we will keep you well informed.

Above all, the reports cover updates, backups, content changes, analytics, security status, Google PageSpeed test results, and more. Furthermore, reporting like this gives you peace of mind, you know you’re in good hands.

Website Reporting